If the weekend Youtube hole often ends with you and your housemates yelling Toto’s Africa over and over again until the police come knocking, you’re not alone. Or you won’t be Wednesday night January 9 at Blackbear Lodge when the Fortitude Valley bar clears its playlists to spin the Los Angeles band’s huge 1982 hit on repeat – all night.

You read that correctly. From 7pm there will be no long forgotten words and ancient melodies from any other artist. No, good sir. Instead, you get hours and hours of padded synths, shredding guitars and hairy blokes harmonising their hearts out.

If you need a primer (do you, really?) then this Guardian oral history should do the trick. The choice quote comes from guitarist Steve “Luke” Lukather: “Dave, man, Africa? We’re from north Hollywood. What the fuck are you writing about? ‘I bless the rains down in Africa?’ Are you Jesus, Dave?”

Rain is currently not forecast for Wednesday night. For more information see here.