The Clock at ACMI

Wed 23rd January, 2019 – Sat 9th February, 2019
10:00am – 5:00pm
Federation Square Flinders Street Melbourne
Price: Free
Christian Marclay’s highly anticipated Melbourne debut – which you’ll need (literally) all day to see.

It’s been acclaimed as the most popular piece of video art ever made, and now Melbourne audiences will be able to set their watches to Christian Marclay’s groundbreaking piece, The Clock.

Spanning a full 24-hour cycle, this iconic installation sits somewhere between art and cinema – but is also simply a device for telling the time. It’s stitched together from hundreds of scenes featuring watches, clocks and other references to time, and Marclay has skillfully edited them to run together in sync. A second on screen equals a second of real time.

In assembling this project, Marclay collated more than 12,000 time-related clips from an array of films and TV shows. Everything from well-known thrillers, westerns, musicals and science-fiction dramas through to obscure art-house oddities went into the mix.

Taking images from more than 100 years of cinematic history, it’s a combination of pop-culture history, trainspotter’s treasure hunt and a gently unfolding dream as audiences recognise classic scenes and actors while being swept along by the hypnotic flow of time’s onward march.

Film fans can expect to see moments from films ranging from High Noon to V for Vendetta, Picnic at Hanging Rock to The Devil Wears Prada, Drop Dead Fred to The Bridges of Madison County – and literally thousands of others. They’ll also always know what time it is.

The exhibition runs from January 23 to March 10, with 24-hour screenings held each Thursday. ACMI warns that due to limited capacity visitors should be aware there may be significant waiting times and admission is on a first-come, first-served basis – so mark your time in the calendar.

Thanks to a partnership with, visitors waiting to view The Clock will be able to enjoy a curated playlist of contemporary video works on ACMI’s groundfloor screen.

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