Mike Parr: Kindness Is So Gangster

Sat 6th October, 2018 – Fri 21st December, 2018
185 Flinders Lane Melbourne
Price: Free
The artist’s physical sight was replaced by other senses while creating his latest works.

Kindness Is So Gangster, the latest iteration of Australian performance artist Mike Parr’s Self Portrait Project, has been occupying the ground-floor gallery space of the Anna Schwarz Gallery since October’s Melbourne International Arts Festival, and will remain until December 21.

You might remember Parr as the artist who spent three days buried alive in a steel box under a busy Hobart street during this year’s Dark Mofo festival; his works often explore his own physical limits.

The sculptures and drawings in this show are the result of a continuous performance of “blind negative modelling”. Parr drew on the gallery walls blindfolded, and created the 22 sculptural glass “heads” by moulding them sightlessly in the negative in clay, before using plaster to make a positive version, then replicated in glass.

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Opening hours:
Tue to Fri 12pm–5pm
Sat 1pm–5pm