Everyone experiences their city differently. We built a way for you to apply that personal lens to your experience here.

It’s called MyBroadsheet.

MyBroadsheet allows you to curate your own version of Broadsheet as simply or as thoroughly as you want, by saving places, building custom lists, and leaving personal notes.

Want to quickly save a venue for later? Do that with a single click.
Want to build a comprehensive repertoire of lists? From the self explanatory – ‘Bars Near Work’ – to the encyclopaedic – ‘Every Margherita in the City’ – you can arrange MyBroadsheet to work for you.

In fact, the more you use MyBroadsheet the smarter it gets, giving you personal recommendations based on your tastes.

There’s one element that we’re especially excited about: your thoughts. As you save places, you’re invited to leave a note.

Why is this exciting? Well, Broadsheet exists to champion the makers and doers propelling our cities forward, and we built MyBroadsheet because this is a conversation we should all be a part of.

[Sign up to use MyBroadsheet today] – we look forward to hearing what you have to say.

This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with MINI.