Reuben Kindred is a second-generation coffee roaster, national barista champion and the former head roaster at Industry Beans. Together with his business partner Nikki – who also happens to be his mum – Kindred has opened Methodist Coffee, a new roaster and cafe on Burwood Road.

"The quaint, country image people conjure up when they hear about a family-owned cafe, with the mum rolling pies out back – that is something we definitely don't want," Nikki says. "We've gone from a mum and son connection to simply becoming really good friends. We're really serious about what we do and there's a genuine sense of professionalism."

The Kindreds enlisted Andrew Grantham, former head chef at Melbourne’s Bistrot d’Orsay, to run the food program. The menu ranges from the decadent – try the buttermilk chicken and rosemary cheese waffle – to lighter options such as a citrus-cured ocean trout with green pea fritters.

Reuben has been roasting coffee since he was 15 years old – his father owned a small roaster in Launceston, where he grew up.

“Every morning I would go out there and smell the green coffee,” he told Broadsheet in July. “I was drinking coffee from about 12 years old. Me and my sister would go around Launceston and have a shot of espresso and a latte and people would look at us like, ‘What the fuck?’ We loved it. I was probably a bit young to start drinking coffee in hindsight, but I think it worked out alright.”

The Kindreds took nearly two years to settle on a location and build it out – they were looking for a space that would be big enough to house the roastery, while also providing a warm, welcoming space for customers.

They eventually chose a heritage-listed, 300-square-metre building in Hawthorn, which would allow the pair to showcase the coffee-roasting journey from roast to cup.

Customers can wander through the immaculate, white-walled cafe and into the roastery, where they’re encouraged to ask as many questions as they want – Reuben is happy to talk all day about what he calls a “gift from the gods”.

The cafe is “a quiet, warm and vibrant area where customers can sit back and relax,” Reuben says. “But then you go out back to our roastery, and that’s where people can see the real technical side of the process.”

Methodist Coffee
408 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn
(03) 9819 6103

Monday to Friday 7am–4pm
Saturday and Sunday 8am–4pm

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