The humble hamburger has seen a great renaissance over the past couple of years – not that it ever went away. The new wave of burgers are a breed apart from their mass-produced forebears – organic, free-range patties, golden brioche buns, house-made pickles and flavour to spare. One constant is these delicious meals can be held in your two hands. Do you want fries with that? Of course you do.

Royal Stacks

Shake Shack-inspired burgers served with frozen custard.

800 Sydney Road, Brunswick

Burger Project

Can Neil Perry flip burgers better than the rest of them?

2 260 Collins Street, Melbourne

8bit CBD

A video-game themed burger shop. One up!

231 Swanston Street, Melbourne

Badger Vs Hawk

Coffee might be the real focus, but this burger is the best B-team in town.

333 La Trobe Street, Melbourne

Grand Trailer Park Taverna

The beef is minced on site and every table is stocked with moist towelettes.

87 Bourke Street, Melbourne

Mr Burger

The trucks (and stores) might be everywhere, but these burgers are worth tracking down.

320 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy