Overwater villas are so passé. The newest must-visit hotel experience on our bucket list is an on-water villa.

Opening this summer and floating in the waters off Palm Beach, Lilypad is an ultra-exclusive, members-only retreat that will not only get you away from all the plebs on the mainland, but also give you access to a personalised concierge, luxury vehicle transfers within 20 kilometres of Sydney’s CBD, a boat to explore surrounding beaches and a chef to prepare meals using produce from one of the city’s fanciest suppliers, Victor Churchill. Oh, and you’ll have an onboard 40-bottle wine cellar at your disposal.

The floating villa, which runs entirely off solar power, was the idea of Chuck Anderson.

“The design and construction of Lilypad was a feat in engineering to ensure guests could experience luxury accommodation on an entirely stable surface, while drifting with the rhythmic sounds and movements of the ocean,” said Anderson in a statement.

The only catch? It’s members-only, and there are just 10 memberships allocated per year.

It’ll set you back $3600 a month as part of a 12-month contract, but you’ll get to use the villa 18 times throughout the year. That includes six overnight visits, and 12 daytime bookings. You can use the villa to host events, or to get away from people altogether (apart from your personal chef, of course).