It’s a full-time job keeping up with everything that’s happening in Sydney. It seems every day there’s a new opening, announcement, launch, festival or show – all adding to a place that’s as dynamic as it is exhausting (in the best possible way).

There’s been a flurry of pop-ups popping up of late, especially ones in something that was once something else. There’s a Cambodian street-food diner by the ACME crew (Kingdom of Rice) in a former drive-through bottle shop and an Italian restaurant (Don Peppino’s) in a former Oxford Street nightclub. Both shouldn’t be missed.

And then there are restaurateurs with an insatiable energy for finding quirky ways to fill their time, and our bellies. The LP’s Quality Meats guys just joined forces with the Porteño crew to open Bella Brutta, a pizza joint on Newtown’s King Street; and the Speakeasy Group (Eau de Vie, The Roosevelt, Mjølner) has opened Nick and Nora’s, a lavish Art Deco rooftop bar in Parramatta. It’s unlike anything the city has seen before – complete with “theatrical as fuck” champagne towers.

On a much bigger scale, American sculptor, dancer and performance artist Nick Cave is bringing his largest exhibition to date to Carriageworks this summer. The centrepiece is Crystal Cloudscape, a 12-metre-long and six-metre-wide sculpture – made from thousands of crystals, beads and other found objects – suspended within the cavernous public space. Four ladders will be propped around the space to allow you to view the top of the work.

And from now until we knock off for Christmas holidays, the city will be awash with festive parties. The outdoor cinema season kicks off, too, and from January 9 to 27, Sydney Festival takes over the city. This is Wesley Enoch’s most diverse line-up yet, with the festival director tapping the zeitgeist for inspiration. We’re excited.

This article was updated on December 10 to remove outdated information.