Fly Me to the Moon and Moon Drops at Sydney Festival

Wed 9th January, 2019 – Fri 28th December, 2018
Darling Harbour and World Square
Let gravitational forces pull you towards Sydney Festival this year.

It's the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, and Sydney Festival is celebrating with free activities.

At Darling Harbour, Moon Drops is an interactive installation created by sustainable designer Jasmax in collaboration with Alt Group and Auckland Council Public Arts. These five giant rubber water-filled "droplets" are made for bouncing, jumping and rolling to create what the makers are calling a "moon-inspired mini-adventure".
From January 9 to 27

Continue the 50th anniversary celebrations by "flying to the moon" – via a more environmentally friendly vehicle than spaceship. The Lunar Velocipede, or “space bike” sculpture will be installed at World Square. The public is invited to jump on and collectively cycle 384,400 kilometres, the distance to the moon. You can also join organised rides or donate your spin-class kilometres to the movement.
From January 9 to 28