Summer Sensory Walk

Sat 19th January, 2019
Dharawal National Park
Victoria Road, Wedderburn
Price: $10
Use all five of your senses on an educational bushwalk.

Experience the immersive Sensory Walk in Dharawal National Park, about an hour south of Sydney, in the Macarthur region.

Led by a Dharawal National Park ranger, the walk encourages visitors to open all their senses. They'll taste bush food, touch and smell native vegetation and hear the sounds of the natural environment. On their journey, walkers might catch a glimpse of a swamp wallaby or hear the call of a southern boobook owl while learning about their natural habitats. The tour takes visitors along the 2.8-kilometre O'Hares Creek lookout track.

Dharawal was made a national park in 2012 following a grassroots movement to protect the area. Before it was awarded national park status, the land had restricted public access, so the area has been largely undisturbed and the surroundings have maintained their natural condition.

The walk is designed to be inclusive and caters to all walking abilities and ages, including those who use wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

Sensory Walks are only held once each season, but Dharawal National Park also offers an Indigenous walking tour on the second Saturday of each month between February and November. There are two Indigenous walking tour options: a 9am walk accessible to everyone, and the more challenging 11.30am tour, which takes visitors along an unsealed track to Minerva Pool.

Starts at 9am.

Bookings are essential and more information can be found here.