A Kentucky Mule is traditionally a mix of bourbon, lime, ginger beer and mint. Brett Davis, bartender at King Street local Gurdys, is a long-time fan. So much so he's concocted a personal variation, one that brings cranberries into the equation.

It’s an inspired addition; the sour tartness of cranberry juice plays with the smoky sweetness of Maker’s Mark bourbon, and is offset by the spicy tang of Cascade Ginger Beer. It’s also ludicrously easy to make at home. Here's how:

Cranberry Mule
Makes 1 serve. Approx. 1.4 standard drinks.

45ml Maker’s Mark bourbon
15ml cranberry juice
Cascade Ginger Beer
5 dried cranberries

Get out your favourite double-rocks glass and pour in the Maker’s Mark and cranberry juice. Then half-fill it with Cascade Ginger Beer and add a bunch of ice. If needed, top up with some more Ginger Beer, and then garnish with the dried cranberries.

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