Although we like to tell those schmos in Melbourne it’s always 25 and sunny, the truth is our sparkling emerald city can be a little … unpredictable. For whatever reason, many cocktail recipes tend to swing towards the sunny: your Pina Coladas, Mojitos, Mint Juleps and the like.

But if you trawl through the annals of cocktail history, you’ll find there are plenty of recipes perfectly matched to the wet, windy and cold. We’ve put together four of our favourites for when the weather’s looking unruly.

When it’s continuously drippy

Damn the Weather’s Winter Fizz
Sometimes, the atmosphere just won’t cooperate. And not in any spectacular way – there’s no stinging, sideways rain, or bent-over palm trees. It’s just unrelentingly wet. Every time you and your crew think about heading out to a rooftop bar or having dinner al fresco, the clouds roll in and rain on your parade. So, there’s nothing for it but staying in.

No drama: this bitter-sweet cocktail’s a perfect match for a continuously drippy evening. (The Winter Fizz was invented by the aptly named Seattle bar Damn the Weather). Simply pour the Cascade Tonic and Barolo Chinato (a fortified wine from Piedmont, Italy) over ice in a wine glass, and agitate with a spoon until mixed. Then, top with cava and garnish with the orange wedge. Suddenly, you won’t mind the rain.

Damn the Weather’s Winter Fizz
45ml Barolo Chinato
40ml Cascade Tonic Water
90ml cava
Orange slice for garnish

During a cold snap…

Arctic Mule
If there are in fact mules in the Arctic, they are undoubtedly cold. Inspired by the 1940’s classic invented in an LA bar with a surfeit of vodka and copper mug, this particular drink is the brainchild of barman Matt Hunter at Rustic Root.

To make your Arctic Mule, you’ll need to prepare a little in advance. If your Cascade Ginger Beer’s in a glass bottle, pour it into a spare plastic bottle (otherwise it’s liable to explode), then pour in the vodka, bitters and lime juice. Once in, give your Cascade Ginger Beer a bit of a shake and put it in the freezer for up to three hours. Make sure to put your metal serving mug in the freezer at the same time – this is important, because the supercooled metal helps achieve a slushy effect. Once almost frozen, pour the contents into the mug and garnish with a piece of lime and a few mint leaves.

We realise drinking an ice-cold drink when it’s ice-cold outside sounds counter-intuitive. But when the weather’s cold outside the spicy ginger in the Cascade Ginger Beer is enough to warm your cockles..

The Arctic Mule
60mlRussian Standard Original vodka
Cascade Ginger Beer
2 dashes of bitters
25ml lime juice
Lime and mint to garnish

During darkening skies…

The Perfect Storm
How could we write a weather-based cocktail story without including the ultimate meteorological drink? Every time a big front comes in at the BoM, those folk whip up a batch of Perfect Storms to celebrate the occasion. We assume.

This is the ideal drink for an inclement evening: sweet and spicy, with the funky depths of rum and fresh ocean breeze of lime and ginger. Break out a highball glass, fill it with fat ice cubes, pour in 60 millilitres of dark rum, squeeze in the juice of a lime, and top with Cascade Ginger Beer. Just before serving, drop in a couple of dashes of your favourite bitters, garnish with a slice of lemon for extra fragrance, then settle in to watch the storm roll in.

The Perfect Storm
60ml dark rum
20ml lime juice
2 dashes bitters
Cascade Ginger Beer
Lime wedge to garnish

When the evening stretches out…

Thyme Gin and Tonic
Can a G&T be considered a winter drink? It can with one canny organic inclusion: thyme. It’s said this evergreen aromatic helps aid sleep, and in the Middle Ages was gifted to knights and departing warriors to aid courage. All terrifically helpful on a wild and stormy night, but we think the herb and the gin’s natural botanicals also pairs perfectly with roasted veggies and a glowing fire. The tartness of the tonic is also an ideal accompaniment to a steaming lemon pudding. Or should we say, the remnants of one.

Make this one slow: add gin to a cocktail shaker and throw in three sprigs of thyme. Gently muddle the thyme then add ice and shake. Strain into an ice-filled glass and garnish with a lemon and sprig of thyme. Chill.

Thyme Gin and Tonic
60ml of gin
Cascade Tonic Water
Four sprigs of thyme
Lemon for garnish

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