We’ve come to expect a slice of lemon bobbing in our G&T – a lime if we’re really going all out. But that reliable classic mix of botanicals and sweet quinine needn’t stop with a blob of citrus.

The creative folks at Mrs Jones, located upstairs at the Orient Hotel on Kendall Lane at The Rocks, Sydney, say there’s numerous variations to be had. Its twist on the classic is the Grow a Pear – dubbed so after “imagining what sort of drink the fictitious Mr Jones would like” – pairs dry gin with dry vermouth, Cascade Tonic Water, pear puree and fresh lemon juice. The result is a nifty balance of sweet and dry, built on the tartness from the tonic.

Grow a Pear
Makes 1 serve. Approx. 1.7 standard drinks.

45ml Sipsmith Dry Gin
15ml Martini Extra Dry Vermouth
15ml fresh lemon juice
60ml pear puree
60ml Cascade Tonic Water

Pour ingredients into shaker. Shake. Double strain over ice. Top with Cascade Tonic Water. Garnish with a twirl of pear skin. Serve in an Old Fashioned glass.

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