Good chefs know that sweetness is accentuated by adding savoury. And it’s the same for any good bartender. Why do cheese and figs go so beautifully together, for instance? Or chicken and waffles?

Brett Davis of Newtown’s Gurdys is well aware of the mysterious compatibility of sweet and savoury, and he crafts his cocktails accordingly. The Aussie Roku is the perfect example: it pairs the intense sweetness of farm-ripe strawberries with freshly picked sage leaves.

The whole concoction is elevated by the fragrant, botanical Roku Gin, Cascade Tonic Water and a dash of Bols Cassis.

Aussie Roku
Makes 1 serve. Approx. 1.2 standard drinks.

30ml Roku Gin
15ml Bols Cassis
10ml lime juice
2 strawberries
4 sage leaves
Cascade Tonic Water

Gently muddle your fresh strawberries and sage in a cocktail shaker. Pour over the gin, cassis and lime juice, then shake vigorously. Pour the ingredients into a tall Collins glass, and top with Cascade Tonic Water. When properly stirred, garnish with a strawberry and a couple of leftover sage leaves.

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