A good cocktail need not have an endless list of ingredients. Sometimes the mixes with the biggest impact are the easiest to make – much like this flavoursome cocktail by Brett Davis of Newtown’s Gurdys on King Street.

Its central ingredient is shiso (perilla frutescens), that greeny-purple herb commonly called the beefsteak plant. But not to worry, fructivores, there’s nothing even vaguely meaty about this Asian garnish – in fact, it’s actually a variety of mint. It’s not commonly used in cocktails, so tip o’ the cap to Davis and the team at Gurdys for harnessing its spearmint aromas.

Dubbed Delicious Simplicity, this cocktail matches the fragrant, spicy shiso with quality vodka, Sprite and a dash of triple sec. Here’s how it’s made.

Delicious Simplicity
Makes 1 serve. Approx 1.1 standard drinks.

30ml vodka
15ml Bols Triple Sec
6 shiso leaves

Tear up five of your six shiso leaves and stick them in a shaker. Pour in the vodka and triple sec and fill the vessel with ice. Shake vigorously, then double strain into a tall Collins glass. Top with fizzy Sprite and garnish with your extra shiso leaf.

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