Some drinks seem custom built for the season. And when fruit is the hero of that drink, the palate considers the possibilities of summer. “When I first tasted the Cascade Spiced Pear & Bitters,” says Kristin Miilits of Mrs Jones bar at The Rocks, Sydney, “my immediate thought was this would be great in a dark-rum Mojito on a hot summer’s day on the terrace.”

Cue the Pearajito, a canny blend of Fijian rum, spiced bitters, pear and a muddle of mint, sugar and lime to cap off the tropical promise. Serve in a jam jar and garnish with pear and mint to complete the transformation.

Cocktail Recipe: Pearajito
Makes 1 serve. Approx. 1.9 standard drinks.

60ml Ratu Spiced Rum
60ml of Cascade Spiced Pear & Bitters
5 mint leaves
2 cocktail bar spoons of brown sugar
Half a lime
Quarter of a pear

Combine lime, mint and fresh pear with brown sugar in a jam jar and muddle. Add in rum and add crushed ice. Stir, adding ice as required. Top with Cascade Spiced Pear and Bitters. Garnish with pear slices and a mint fan.

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