Old City Kitchen and Bar

11:00am - 11:00pm
189 Missenden Road Newtown 2042

Old City’s owner William Hussay used to go out for Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean food but he could never find it like his parents made. Now he and his team are making most things from scratch from his parents’ recipes. Nothing proves this as well as Old City’s baklava.

It’s not the only thing done in-house. All the mezze dips are made with fresh ingredients; the haloumi is homemade by Hussay’s friend’s mother-in-law; and the falafel has that crisp-edged softness you only get from a fresh bake.

The menu is recognisable: mezze; roast meat skewers; and classic dishes such as samke harrah (barramundi served with lemon, coriander, pine nuts, tomatoes and tahini); garlic-and-lemon chicken; and stuffed zucchinis.

Where it differs from most Lebanese restaurants is how the venue looks, which is modern, casual and industrial. There’s a low-hanging canopy of bare light globes, exposed bricks, black steel and simple wooden furniture. The other un-typically Lebanese aspect is the range of cocktails the restaurant serves.

Updated: July 18th, 2017

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